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The finished result!

mushhouse2After brightening up the dull colours, I’ve successfully completed the mushroom house! If you’ve been joining me on this journey to create it, please leave some feedback or any comments you might have!

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refinement stage

After blending the house and steps into the grass, my mushroom house is almost complete! In this refinement stage, I’ve changed the colour of the steps to coordinate with the brown of the mushroom, added some more highlights and shadows. The last step is to change the saturation, hues and contrast to make these dull colours pop.


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Cropping, resizing and layout drafting

I’ve cropped the photographs of each element out on Photoshop, resized them, and laid them out against each other to see how they look. Some minor things needed to be fixed, like the missing edge of the door and the colour of the front steps. I selected two mushrooms out of roughly 50 of the mushroom photos I’d taken, based on their angle and detail and then worked out how they will be positioned for the house.

cropping and feathering
Cropping and feathering the photos.

cropped image layout
Resizing elements and seeing how they look against each other.

position of elements
Positioning the final selection of elements.



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Project Photos

For the project I needed photos of mushrooms, grass, and a variety of windows and doors. I took some snaps of windows and doors that caught my eye around the neighbourhood and eventually managed to find some large mushrooms.

The crooked shape of one of the mushroom gave me the idea of doing a double storey mushroom house and I experimented with stacking them during the photo shoot. I also did this to get a good angle of the mushroom.


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