Layer masks, blurring and shadows

In the next step of my project, I’ve worked out where to place the mushroom, taking into rule of thirds into consideration and also the placement of the leaves on the grass.
Next, I’ve duplicated the background image of the grass twice, moved them into the foreground and added layer masking to them to blend the bottom of the house and the bottom of the steps into the grass. I’ve added shadows to the grass around where the house sits and blurred the background so that the subject is more in focus.

masking layersBlending the grass over the mushroom and creating shadows to the grass.

masking layers 2Blurring the grass in the background layer.

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One thought on “Layer masks, blurring and shadows

  1. jetlaggy says:

    i really appreciate you showing your process for making this piece. It’s truly very helpful. Also your doodle leading up to the finished image is great and shows that you started with a very solid concept.


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